Bento for Dinner

DM: ok so we last left Bento, Sirov and your “other party members” on their way to Graue-Miede in a reverse Trojan horse I believe
DM: you guys we disguised as shitty ninja

Bento/Steel Emperor: Indeed
Bento/Steel Emperor: shittily disguised too

DM: ya but its cool cause the ninja suck
DM: and standing out just makes them assume you are of a higher rank

Bento/Steel Emperor: lol, sweet

DM: anyway one day you Sirov and your bodyguard dude are with a pack of about 20 ninja on a recon mission to investigate increased Graue-Miede troop movements

Bento/Steel Emperor: Mhm))
Bento/Steel Emperor: Bento will spend his time bragging about how he could kill 50 men on his own if it came to a fight
Bento/Steel Emperor: to his fellow ninja

DM: of course, several of them even seem to believe you

Bento/Steel Emperor: Excellent, the fools

DM: you guys manage to find out that the Graue-Miede are prepping their forces for a war of some kind, there are several new types of troops that are not among the known GM military
DM: one type is a hover tank of some kind they are mostly medium sized very thinly shelled(as you see medium and small sized troops get in them to test pilot)
DM: but they have large jacks and other ranged troops using them as target practice and the deflection shields on them are awesome, you see cannonballs almost as big as the tanks not only deflected away, but being redirected to new inanimate targets set up on the ground below
DM: the tanks themselves appear to have ray attacks and they can relay the rays between tanks so as long as 1 can see a target 10 can hit that target

Bento/Steel Emperor: Bento pauses, then begins telling the ninja how they should steal a bunch of this equipment.
Bento/Steel Emperor: He says that with him leading the charge, this’ll be easy

DM: They get all riled up and charge with you, Sirov’s cries of protest are drown out by cheering ninja, your bodyguard sighs, and tries to keep pace with you

Bento/Steel Emperor: Excellent, I lead them, drawing my “mighty” laser Katana.
“Remember, I get the lion’s share of the loot! Hey soldiers of Graue-Miede! Surrender! The mighty Bento “Tough Guy” Murano has come for you!"

DM: in the distance a gargantuan jack hurls a ball of some kind right into your path
DM: upon impact a dust cloud washes over your men relieving a few ninja priests and wizards of higher rank that were invisible among your group

Bento/Steel Emperor: (I assume they all surrender at once, impressed and terrified by Bento’s might :P)
Bento/Steel Emperor: “Haha, our numbers are even greater than I thought! Come on! We got the forces! They can’t beat us! I’m invincible!”

DM: the ball unfolds into a large sized warjack of some kind, with a permanent sadistic grin build into its face
DM: it has two cannon looking arms that level on the charging ninja

Bento/Steel Emperor: “Hah! Guns can’t harm me! I am master of the blade!”

DM: both cannons unload a payload of shrapnel of various metals, oil, and flame into the crowd of ninja, the front-line ninja are poly-morphed into a fine red flaming mist in front of you before the wave hits you. Bento only survives because the bodyguard took most of the blast for him, but even then you are left bleeding out on the ground

Bento/Steel Emperor: “Aaaaaaargh!”

DM: a priest ninja quickly heals your guard (being one of only a few still standing) you hear the report of Sirov’s gun unloading into the jack from the hill. the guard leaves you in the care of the priest and charges the jack while casting a watery ice sword of some kind

Bento/Steel Emperor: “No! How dare you leave me! I’m….argh….I’m your leader!”
Bento/Steel Emperor: twists on the ground to watch, clutching his wounds

DM: after your bodyguard leaves you see a twisted smile appear on the priests face as his form shifts into Master Dom

Bento/Steel Emperor: (Hah, I remember him)
Bento/Steel Emperor: eyes narrow “…you…”

DM: before you get more then that cry out, he grabs you and dimension doors away
DM: he ties you from the lower branches of a tree by your ankles, and ties your wrists together above your head

Bento/Steel Emperor: “You! …what ! Hey! WHat are you doing?!”

DM: he pulls a huge ceremonial bowl of some kind out from a bag of holding and puts it below you so your dripping blood starts to fill the bowl
Master Dom: “sorry my good man but the world needs the emperor more than you right now”

Bento/Steel Emperor: “…what? What are you talking about!?”
Bento/Steel Emperor: “What emperor!?”

DM: he then pulls a jagged black blade from the bag and begins taking turns between healing you and opening veins

Bento/Steel Emperor: Bento “Tough Guy” Murano begins to scream in pain
Bento/Steel Emperor: Pathetically, the veneers of badassery peeling off immediately
Bento/Steel Emperor: “Aaaargh! Stop! Please!”
Bento/Steel Emperor: “It…it hurts!”
Bento/Steel Emperor: “I beg of you, stop!”

Master Dom: “sorry my good man….. actually no I’m really not”
Master Dom: “I quite enjoy my work”

Bento/Steel Emperor: Bento, the person who wanted to spend his life bullying and robbing people, begins to cry..
Bento/Steel Emperor: “Nooooo…please…you can’t! Y-you’re a monster! I don’t deserve this!”

Master Dom: “your correct you don’t deserve this, but alas I must anyway, and I’m quite tired of your blubbering, I need to prepare the soul rip”

Bento/Steel Emperor: “…the WHAT!?”

DM: he hold persons you to stop your cries, as he sets up a ritual circle of some kind

Bento/Steel Emperor: Bento’s eyes, wide and filled with fear and tears, follow Master Dom

DM: a minute or so later after you’ve nearly bled to death several times he pulls out an ornate box of some kind and your soul is torn from your body, the pain is so extreme it makes the last few minutes seem like a nice relaxing day at the beach

Bento/Steel Emperor: Bento silently screams
Bento/Steel Emperor: or…he wishes he could

DM: we cut to a human forgotten in the deepest dungeons of Graue-Miede
DM: he has no memory of his life beyond these 3 walls and a set of bars, a bug riddled bed, a pit for bowl movements, and a hole in the ceiling that dispenses a grey goo that sustains him

Bento/Steel Emperor: He stares at the floor.
Bento/Steel Emperor: His countenance grim.

DM: a dull glow floats down the hall, the light is almost blinding as you cant even remember when the last time you saw that much light was

Bento/Steel Emperor: He shields his eyes

Master Dom: Master Dom stands before you on the other side of the bars his eyes crackle with energy “hello forgotten one, I am Master Dom and I am your salvation”
Master Dom: “all I ask in exchange for your freedom and untold power is that you do me a favour some time in the future”

Bento/Steel Emperor: The human raises an eyebrow. “A single favour? In exchange for freedom from this cell? Do you take me for a fool? Of course I accept.”

Master Dom: he smiles “of course”
DM: he passes you a golden goblet of a red liquid and an ornate box
Master Dom: “here, eat and drink. regain your strength, you will need it for the trials ahead”

Bento/Steel Emperor: The human eagerly accepts the drink and box
Bento/Steel Emperor: he opens the box

DM: it is full of rice, and a collection of amazing looking meats and a pastry
DM: and a pair of chopsticks

Bento/Steel Emperor: The human greedily tucks in
Bento/Steel Emperor: gobbling the food and chugging the drink
Bento/Steel Emperor: loving the food that’s not grey slop

DM: you realize after a few sips that your wine tastes a lot like blood, but by that point even if you wanted to stop eating, you can not, nor can you stop drinking the wine. the glass seems to always be full, and every time you look away the box has more meat and rice in it.
DM: eventually the two containers start to empty, but by the time that happens you are only beginning to feel full, and you have no idea how much time has passed
DM: Dom is gone, and an orb hangs in the air just outside your cell
DM: you may even be able to reach it
DM: it looks to be made of glass or some kind of crystal

Bento/Steel Emperor: I…reach for it

DM: once you touch it, the bars of your cell explode outward, you hear alarms begin to sound from everywhere at once
DM: then before you get more then a step outside your cell you feel your stomach lurch and the world shift
DM: a moment later you are outside in a field, the sun is shinning down on you, but you are not blinded by it the box and goblet are on the ground next to you.
DM: you feel your muscles begin to re-nit themselves, your brain seems to be improving, it feels like every fibre of your being is being remade. it is quite pleasant at first.
DM: until the memories start to flood in
DM: starting with Bento’s, in reverse order
DM: after Bento’s flood in, your past lives as the steel emperor flood in
DM: always starting with how you are killed and sealed away in some dank dungeon or crystal, or sword
DM: in between steel emperors, the lives of past Muranos flood in, always starting with their bodies being drained of blood, and souls torn out.
DM: by the time all of your history has flooded in, your transformation into your real form is complete

Bento/Steel Emperor: “…I have returned.”
Bento/Steel Emperor: “…time to remake my empire.”

Swamp Quest 1

Xoc and Calcryx plan with 2 goblins from Dark Pony( Vegan and Beaker), they hatch a deal to explore the crystal with Xoc, while trying to give the goblins the right to publish what they record inside the crystal, Xoc discovers that someone is already holding the broadcasting rights for Xoc. So the Crystal tek savy Beaker pulls out a scry and divanation blocking device, then disables an invisible camera that seems to have been following Xoc. They discovered that Parasol Publishing is using Xoc for something, they use a loophole to get rights to the exploration documentary, then message a lawyer about fighting Parasol’s claim on Xoc.

Then they needed a safe place to explore the Crystal From so they found a sea cave, the cave was inhabited by 3 sea hags in veiled outfits, they agreed to help, 2 of the sisters stayed to guard the cave while the other, Pados, joined the expedition.

Once inside, the party found themselves in a sunken temple, after exploring a bit they found their way out to the surface, the roman style town had been swallowed by the angry swamp. they spent a day excavating the ruins for a proper looting, once done the Goblins informed the party that this was a Lamina-Roja outpost, probably about 100 years ago.

They Party went east from there and fought some willow-the-wisps, then they came to a town of lizardfolk who gave them a quest to find the missing lizardmen who went to village of feral humans to the south.

On the way they get into a miss understanding with a Manticore that was recently attacked for seeing adventurers kill 2 lizardmen and capturing the third. the Manticore, Bagique, joins the group until they deal with the other party. they find all 3 lizardmen dead and looted with the third having been staked on the side of the road, tortured, then killed.

Once Xoc and crew get to the town they discover it burning with piles of dead in the center of town, the other party came into the town pretending to be nice then butchering several families before an organized defense repelled them from the town, Xoc and his motley crew head West hot on the heels of another adventuring party.

Bento's solo time

Bento is still antsy from the lack of action from earlier.He keeps the scarab
and sneaks off(stealth17) He writes down a note that says: “Brb, being rawesome” and throws it back into the camp

As he travels towards town a shuriken flies out of a bush at him, but luckily it grazes him dealing much less then it could have. a small ninja in a powder blue outfit is jumping him and gets another 2 shuriken off before Bento has a chance to react. he bravely charges with his psi-blade and slices a huge gash into the ninja, but the ninja steps back and hurls more shuriken. droping bento.thus ended bento’s first solo adventure


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