Swamp Quest 1

Xoc and Calcryx plan with 2 goblins from Dark Pony( Vegan and Beaker), they hatch a deal to explore the crystal with Xoc, while trying to give the goblins the right to publish what they record inside the crystal, Xoc discovers that someone is already holding the broadcasting rights for Xoc. So the Crystal tek savy Beaker pulls out a scry and divanation blocking device, then disables an invisible camera that seems to have been following Xoc. They discovered that Parasol Publishing is using Xoc for something, they use a loophole to get rights to the exploration documentary, then message a lawyer about fighting Parasol’s claim on Xoc.

Then they needed a safe place to explore the Crystal From so they found a sea cave, the cave was inhabited by 3 sea hags in veiled outfits, they agreed to help, 2 of the sisters stayed to guard the cave while the other, Pados, joined the expedition.

Once inside, the party found themselves in a sunken temple, after exploring a bit they found their way out to the surface, the roman style town had been swallowed by the angry swamp. they spent a day excavating the ruins for a proper looting, once done the Goblins informed the party that this was a Lamina-Roja outpost, probably about 100 years ago.

They Party went east from there and fought some willow-the-wisps, then they came to a town of lizardfolk who gave them a quest to find the missing lizardmen who went to village of feral humans to the south.

On the way they get into a miss understanding with a Manticore that was recently attacked for seeing adventurers kill 2 lizardmen and capturing the third. the Manticore, Bagique, joins the group until they deal with the other party. they find all 3 lizardmen dead and looted with the third having been staked on the side of the road, tortured, then killed.

Once Xoc and crew get to the town they discover it burning with piles of dead in the center of town, the other party came into the town pretending to be nice then butchering several families before an organized defense repelled them from the town, Xoc and his motley crew head West hot on the heels of another adventuring party.



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