Tall, dark and irate.


Gestalt Black Ethergaunt 4 / Truenamer 4

HP: 29
AC: 15 Touch AC: 11 Flatfooted: 14
Fort +3, Ref +2 Will, +4

Full Attack: walking stick +5, D6 +3
CMB: 5
CMD: 16

Utterances, Truespeak +26:
Universal Aptitude
Minor Word of Nurturing
Lesser Word of Nurturing
Inertia Surge
Energize Armor (custom utterance)

Wizard Spells prepared:
1: Mage Armor, Bulwark of Reality, Burning Hands, Sleep, Scramble True Position
2: Flaming Sphere, Flaming Sphere, Entice Gift


Compadulum has found the words to curse his misfortune in the very language of the universe itself. If given the chance, he’ll explain the details of every minor setback. At length.

I find his diatribes boring though. The guy would rather complain about a sliver for a week before taking it out.


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