Wil'hem Portal

Drider Artificer


Wil’hem started his forray in to Nexus by running away from his home in the Elf region of the Goblin ruled version of the Farm Plane. After meeting Master Dom and being given a rock, Wil’hem made his way to Nexus through acute observation and walking. The drider has become a jack-of-all-trades in the few months he has been in Nexus. He has spent his time learning to craft tools and wonderous items from Master Manual, as well as crafting alchemical solutions, potions, and magical arms and armor. Wil’hem has had success as an adventurer working with Xoc and Compadalum to deal with a ninja infestation, take over a coastal tower, and find a planar crystal.

With his loyal companion Skrom and one of his goblin workers, Wil’hem now finds himself seeking to make a deal with the MaGeming Mining Company for a supply of Mithril.

Wil'hem Portal

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