The players first town

This is because there are 7 Bauern-hofs: the largest is the one on nexus in the country of Ackerland, the next largest is the one on the other side of the town-square customs office; the one with fair Ere-nite festival there are 5 more versions of Bauern-hof, 1 for each of the 5 main races in Ackerland: humans, halflings, orcs, goblins and elves.

all the player characters are from one of the 5 base race dominant Bauern-hofs, and they all grow up as one of those level 1 commoners, with their point buy and real race and class suppressed, once they escape the plain or get aligned to the plain they are freed of the commoner form

Each of the Bauern-hofs has a Dungeon in the wild lands to the south of town between the orc and goblin territories: The sunless citadel


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