Graue Miede

Area Type: Mountain Empire

Population: 20,000,000

Lv: 4-10

alignment: Lawful neutral, leaning evil.


Eisenfl├Ąche(southeast 1):a small city in graue miede, land based trade goes through or to this city. and the is .
Geibrstat(city half in the mountain 2):.Geibrstat is home to the MaGeming Mining Company, as well as an entrance to the underground portion of the empire.
Werft(coastal city 3): most of the city is shipyards for stone and steel vehicles(boats, subs, airships, ect).

Graue mines(in mountain 4): Mines that produce all the needs of the Graue Miede Empire
White gates(mountain top 5): outposts that allow entrance from mountain tops.

Graue Miede

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