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Once upon a time, a cabal of epic spell casters from across the plains met up every Tuesday.They discussed how awesome epic spell casting was, alchemical Secrets, and even a legendary cookie recipe. The purpose of their group however, was to find the source of magic. They learned to ignore the boundaries of standard universes, and explored time and space looking for answers. They eventually found a black hole like no other, instead of drawing in objects it drew in the essences of lost people and magic. In searching for the beginning they discovered the end. Several of their number became stuck near the vortex of energy.

They began to set up a research outpost for the mages who became stuck there. This became the foundation of Nexus. They began to harness the energies of the vortex to power their outpost. They made Crystals bound with the energies of the plains, or of specific themes. These drew in the energies of those plains and things: From a crystal version of the plain of fire. to a crystal to house ideas and energies surrounding Toys. The energies from these crystals formed a network of energy that the cabal could tap into to shape a world to house it all. Great portals were constructed to bring in the light of a sun and moons. Later portals that make the sky seem full of stars were formed. Then the Rainbow tower was built, a relay to allow divine casters to commune with their deities, and to channel divine energy into Nexus. While the Clerics and wizards constructed the Tower, the Druids began to seed this new world with life. The Genesis Seed created working ecosystems and drew lifeforms, trapped as energy in the crystals, out to populate the world.

It is now several thousand years later. Most of the original Cabal is gone, except for 7 great Casters. Nexus is in a golden age of magic and technology: Trains chug across the skies of major cities. Great heroes duel in arenas designed to stop the fights from becoming lethal. Smaller nations rise and fall at the whims of the larger powers. People learn magic, not for combat, but for vanity. Humans with blue skin and antlers are as common as monsters walking the streets (which is fairly common). An age of acceptance sweeps the land as people are judged by their actions, not their race. You however are a farm boy (or girl). A young adult of a common race, who has grown up on a farm, you may have watched the wonders of the outside world on a Crystal-Tube(Crystal Tek equivalent to a tv or desktop), but the biggest city you can remember going to is Bauern-hof, which is less of a city and more of a collection of stores and stalls so the farmers can sell each other junk. The only event worth looking forward to is the Ere-nite festival, which is the one day all the farming races work together to put together a big feast and party. However, the festival is not for another week, and the races raid each other much more than usual before the festival, each trying to bring the most food and fun to the festival. The competition gets Fierce… well as fierce as farmers trying to steal from each other can get…..

Once players escape the plain of farms they emerge in Bauern-hof which is the largest city in the country of Ackerland, some players have traveled as far north as the city state Ville Cotiere and the swamps east of that, and as far west as the Graue Miede Empire and 2 of its cities.


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