Round 3

It has been 2 months since the end of Nexus 2.0 the Lamina-Roja Empire to the east of the lands the players have explored has been expanding towards the west rapidly, smaller towns that managed to stay independent of any nations for thousands of years were suddenly swallowed by the immortal Legions. Every man, woman, child or other creature captured by the legions is forced to take two tests the first is of sentience every creature below 4 Int is transported of to become a work animal, or if it is more vicious it is sent to one of the “Great Colosseums” a creature that displays a greater degree of intelligence then has its alignment tested good creatures are allowed to either live out their lives as normal or may join the Legion, any evil person is immediately and brutally executed. Any neutral creatures are either sent for “re-programing” or if they resist, they are also brutally executed.

This rapid and Violent expansion right up to walls of the crystal spire elected a response of rapid expansion from the normally reclusive Graue-Miede empire. Some Mechanical forces of Graue-Miede skirmished with border guards of Ackerland, causing the governing body of Ackerland to decide to side with Lamina-Roja in the coming conflict as long as the neutral populace was allowed to live in peace. Within a day of accepting Lamina-Roja’s “assistance” the entire country was under occupation(including the many plains of farms) the rapid deployment of troops there staggered the neighbouring countries, making it clear that no one was safe.

With Ackerland occupied and Lamina-Roja and Graue-Miede closing in on both sides the small country of Ville Cotiere reached out to the Sea beast Republic on the other side of Graue-Miede. They accepted joining the Republic in exchange for assistance in defending their borders. Within the hour the Sky reefs filled the skies of Ville Cotiere and the mist began to fill the country’s borders as well as fill the space between the two countries contesting even the sea around Graue-Miede. The mist slows down flying creatures and inhibits mechanical vehicles, while allowing any creature with a swim speed to fly at its normal swim speed and see trough the mists unimpeded. Packs of invisible Kracken and other horrors of the deep now protect the borders of the once peaceful coastal country.

No large Scale conflicts between the three titanic powers have occurred just yet, but the wars of spies have begun and the area has become a powder keg.

Round 3

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