Chac Uayab Xoc

Just a simple little lizardfolk druid. Who is half dragon. Also a were-crocodile. Maybe "simple" is the wrong word...


Level: 10

Huge Dragon
Speed: 40ft, swim 40ft, fly 80ft (Average)
HP: 155
AC: 40 Touch AC: 23 Flatfooted: 26

Full Attack: 2 claws: +21 melee (2d4 +16), a bite: +19 melee (2d6 +8 and 1 Acid), and a tail slam: +19 melee (4d6 +22)

CMB: 25
CMD: 54

Fort +21, Ref +15, Will +17


Xoc’s mother was a druid in service to one of the lizardfolk tribes of the swamp lands. Inflicted with lycanthropy after a battle with a werecrocodile she left the tribe and wandered deep into the swamplands while seeking to control her affliction. After her relationship with a local green dragon resulted in her becoming pregnant and with control of her transformations still slipping her grasp she headed out for the plane of commoners where she could live without posing a risk to her child.

During his time on the plane of commoners Xoc was aware of this heritage but found himself indifferent to it. After forming an as of yet unclear contract with the Quest NPCs and regaining his true form this indifference fled. Xoc’s mind was suddenly flooded with the stories of the swamp, its denizens, and his mother’s adventures as a druid. With his mind set to leave the plane, explore the world of Nexus, and become an adventuring swamp druid like his mother before him, Xoc set off on his first proper adventure.

This first adventure did suffer from something of a false start. Four adventurer’s had gathered for the quest ahead after receiving their instructions from icy celestial by the name of Sir Kalt. Just as the four made to enter the dungeon proper they struck by darts and found their senses overwhelmed by the venom therein. As the effects of the toxins subsided Xoc found himself with only one of the other four, the black ethergaunt Compadulum. As they staggered to their feet they were hailed by an odd creature in a white suit with skin as dark as night. He introduced itself as Professor White. Or perhaps Black. He wasn’t really sure. But before long the two intrepid adventurers where making their way once more into what was at the very least a Sunless Citadel.

It became quickly apparent to Xoc and Compadulum that this was not the citadel that Sir Kalt had sent them too. In fact his instructions for the adventure, to wrest control of the magic fruit within the dungeon and secure them for the orcs, no longer fit the situation that they encountered within the dungeon. Not ones to let such details faze them however Xoc and Compadulum continued with the spirit of the mission they accepted. In short order the scrappy kobold underdogs where driven from the Sunless Citadel before the superior might of the entrenched orc clan and their new adventurer allies. In recognition of the efforts of the two questers the orcs gave them a white dragon wyrmling that they had taken from the kobolds earlier. Xoc and Compadulum quckly decided to release the creature from its cage and invite it to join them. With a sudden found faith in his patron god Tiamat, the dragon cleric Calcryx joined Xoc and Compadulum in their travels.

After the successful completion of the Sunless Citadel, Xoc and his companions where led out of the plane of commoners by the Professor. After a brief shopping interlude, the party of heroes was called to meet one Master Dom at a local inn. Upon arriving on the scene they learned that one more was to join them for the task that Master Dom has in mind, a drider by the name of Wil’hem Portal.

Master Dom charged the now four heroes with the removal of the city’s ninja problem. Left to their own devices as to how to go about this the party chased a nearby ninja into the alley behind the Inn. After a quick confrontation and an unconventional interrogation they discerned the name of the organization, its leader, and its current objective. The heroes boldly strode to a nearby museum where the Crystal Scepter was being kept on display. The true scepter had been taken in a recent ninja incursion however and the party soon found itself tracking the ninja back to their hideout.

Chac Uayab Xoc

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